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This is Steve and Stacey’s touring website that documents our 6 month cornish adventure, which includes a ‘two sides to every story’ daily blog, progress map, reviews on places, campsite and restaurants, and whatever we may think of adding as we go along.

Who are we?

Steve is…a northern IT person who loves cooking and once ran a small bistro in the Lake District.  He’s given up the rat race twice now to chase a dream.

Stacey is…a southern artist and writer who is used to moving and has had so many jobs she has forgotten what they were.

Steve and Stacey are very different people sharing the same cornish dream.

Our home for the next 6 months

Here’s the very comfortable and cosy Wanda, she will be our home for the next 6 months and shelter us from the elements.  She’s 16 years old and sleeps 6 with a fixed double bed, a double cabin bed and a seating area (with a large table) which also turns into a double bed.  She has a great shower, wash basin, toilet, fridge, freezer, large kitchen work unit, ample storage beneath the bed and inside.  She works on gas, electric hookup, car battery, leisure battery and she also has solar panels.  Oh and don’t forget the kitchen sink.

Why are we doing it?

We are looking for a house by the sea so Steve can buy a yacht and have somewhere to sail it and Stacey can turn into a crazy old lady who stands on the beach at night in her nightdress howling at the moon, oh I mean, Stacey loves painting the ocean and finds great comfort and inspiration being by the sea.

How will we support ourselves?

Steve came up with the great plan of writing an affordable hotel management system for small B&B’s which we can sell on our way around the country.

Stacey is building members only subscription websites for artists and lesbians.

If push comes to shove and their entrepreneurism doesn’t go to plan they can find work back to offices or in the hotel and catering industry.  Steve is a very capable and experienced chef, project manager and softwear designer and Stacey is a very capable and experienced waitress, bar person and office worker.  It’s all good.

Who else is on board?

Horrace the hamster

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